Clinical Trials

The clinical activities of ADARC are now part of the CUIMC Department of Infectious Diseases.

We are now conducting a clinical trial of a unique monoclonal antibody that has one arm that attaches to cells that have the receptor required for HIV to enter the cell, the CD4 receptor, and has another arm that attaches to a very well conserved portion of the HIV envelope. This is called a bispecific antibody because it binds to two regions. It is very potent and active against a broad range of HIV virus variants because it is designed to put the antibody at the precise location where it is needed.

The clinical trial is a Phase 1 study led by Dr. David Ho, the study Principal Investigator, and Dr. Magda Sobieczcyk, the CUIMC clinical trial Principal Investigator. The bispecific antibody is given as a single infusion and is recruiting HIV infected and uninfected individuals. To date a total of 42 subjects of a total of 57 have been given the monoclonal antibody infusion in increasing doses safely. Eligible participants are expected to complete 11 visits over 168 days of participation.